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 IFLO Shipping Ltd
We are Licenced Customs Broker company, Clearing and Forwarding Consultancy and , with a view of providing best practices to our clients and more importantly help importers/exporters have a fulfilling experience with our services by saving  them valuable time and money, whereby providing world class logistics and customs solutions through enhanced international shipping and trade. 

Our entire operation provides a strong competitive edge while helping to support and provide quick solutions to our numerous clients. We look forward to avail ourselves of the commitment of serving your organization
while constantly seeking to add value to your commitments


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We are specialist in  international air, ocean and land freight clearing and  forwarding, Express, DDU, DDP, Project cargo, Out of gauge or Extra- heavy shipments.

Ifloshipping services  offers a broad  range of services to meet  our customers needs including but not limited to Air freighting, warehousing  services,Procurement, Door-to-Door deliveries, cargo insurance, crating/packaging,Package consolidation, documentation, export packing and other logistics services Air cargo.

 Ifloshipping is top notch when it comes to air transportation. We understand why you choose air transportation and strive to justify that choice. We stay in communication with our customers throughout the process by phone, electronic communication and our online tracking system. 

We don’t just say this, we do it; take the hassle off air cargo shipment.

Trucking Services, Ifloshipping specializes in inter-modal transportation by providing inland and local transportation for 
both domestic and international shipments. 

We perform Less Than Truck Load (LTC) / Truckload ground transportation at pick up or drop-off 
location.Warehousing Complete warehousing, crating and storage for shipments at any point along the transport route
within our global network.

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Packaging, We provide packaging for simple and complex cargo. Based on  cargo type and shipping requirements, 
we are able to provide  adequate packaging for all cargo types as needed ranging from boxing, palletizing, crating and dangerous goods packaging.

Procurement Shop and we will ship or we can shop for you. We provide procurement services to our customers. 
Our dedicated procurement staff utilizes technology and knowledge of the market to ensure maximum value for your 

Our procurement service scope can range from a small personal need item to armored vehicle, heavy machinery and oil tools/parts.
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