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Our business can be categorized under various headings, which are customized to enable us provide

 products and services to our customers both existing and potential clients, which is meant to suite

 every clients need.

 This also makes us to remain flexible in other to meet the changes constantly occurring in the

 shipping industry, and the peculiar dynamism and needs of our customers and partners in the

 management chain.
   The business categories are below:

  • Sourcing for solid mineral resources here in Nigeria & obtaining relevant document to aid the exportation.
  • Marketing of crude petroleum, importers, exporter and dealers in fuel and other oil.
  • Air/ Sea & Land Cargo consolidator, Clearing and Forwarding, Consultancy Services.
  • Visa procurement, Ticketing and reservation for your tourist needs to provide you need etc.
  • Obtaining licenses, approvals & up to date information for whatever products, services other sectors you are interested in the Nigerian economy.
  • Door to Door Services/ Home Delivery for all your Cargo Needs.

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   These are the advantages that help you take good and wise choice:

    * Our company's  goodwill;

    * Rich working experience in the sphere;

    * Ongoing progress and improvement of the company;

    * Strategic way of continuous improvement of rendered service quality;

    * Real-time tracking and tracing of cargo over all stages of transportation;

    * Cost-effective rates;

    * Guarantee of cargo safety during transportation;

    * Complete responsibility for all obligations;

    * A wide range of logistics services;

    * Cargo delivery by all means of transport;

    * Large-scale area of cargo delivery;

    * Complex solutions to cargo delivery;

    * Individual treatment of every customer;

    * Long-term and mutually profitable cooperation;

    * A wide network : all over Nigeria to worldwide.

    * Excellent personnel training programs;

    * Proper selection and evaluation of partners.

 Trust your transportation tasks to our care and you will multiply your competitive benefits.

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We insist on our believe in the market, we are always bringing innovative solutions to let the world trade easier, offering 

our customers perfect, prompt and reliable service. 

Abundant technical use of high efficient services, includes the Operation department,Customs service department, 

To save our cost and keep high performance effectively.

We showcase ourselves in the cargo world, and are accepted by every parts of the world,we have impress a lot of our 

customers, we are professionals, and we have excellent record.

Which is our determination to help our clients reduce cost, We help our clients enlarge their business.



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31, Vono Road, Ilupeju, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.  

Orange Drugs Ltd
66/68 Town Planning way, Ilupeju Industrial Estate, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.

Orion Marine Ltd
41, Creek Road, Apapa, Nigeria.

Arisbum Global Resources Ltd
56, Anchor Crescent, Hockley, B18 5SL, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Joachim Joe Investment Nigeria Ltd
9A, Church street, opposite First Bank Idumota, Lagos, Nigeria

Atamap Associate
Suite B 103, 11 Dunukofia Street, Garki, Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria.

T-TECH Global Resources Ltd
New york, United States of America

Eliona freight services Ltd
Ajao estate, Lagos, Nigeria.

Div-tech Telecommunications Ltd
Port harcourt city, Nigeria.

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